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  1. Lea Pagnucco says

    Very insightful! I believe that this is only now gaining momentum as part of learning to practice self care. Giving yourself permission to start or stop something can be very difficult. Now, more than ever, our lives and our choices are open for review and speculation, including less than positive feedback from virtual strangers. Taking a break, no matter how long or what from, can be so deeply restorative. Well done for bringing this important message forward.

  2. Jena Leigh says

    You are right and thank you for reminding us. As you get older, health is of importance too so taking a break from social media relieves the stress =) I’m probably going to do this in a few weeks and take the time off.

    • Becky says

      Totally! My break made me feel better than ever. I just figured why write, when I feel like I have NOTHING to create or share? Do whatevers best for you, thats all that matters!

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