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  1. kellicarley1 says

    Totally can relate even though I’m a wee tiny bit past my 20s. Love this! I think life will always be like this so it’s good to be reminded with posts like this.

  2. Tyas says

    I totally can relate with this post! I used to compare what I have and am doing with what other people have / do, and that was the reason I wasn’t really happy with my life. Thankfully I have kept reminding myself that it is okay to go on my own pace 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Becky says

      I am guilty of this too! I think everyone tends to do it. But you’re so right, once you stop comparing you feel so much better. Thanks for reading!

  3. hayleyxmartin says

    Ahhhh someone who is like me!!!!! The past few months I have decided I am living the way I CHOOSE! The fact I am not buying a house or getting married – is because I decided that I wanted more. I left previous relationships and I decided to do other things that buy a house. It’s not that it wasnt happening for’s because I had the opportunity and declined. This way of thinking has really helped with my mindset recently.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    • Becky says

      Soul sisters! Doesn’t it feel great to make a decision for yourself, and not give a shit what someone might think? It’s so liberating. Good for you for living your life exactly how you want. Nobody can tell you how to live! Thats the best part about freedom and independance.

  4. stephandthecityy says

    GIRL! you hit the nail on the head with this post! I find myself thinking all the time that I should have my life more together by now! And while maybe I should lol – I also have to remind myself that everyone has their own path and it’s OKAY to move at your own pace! Loved this post! xx

    • Becky says

      Totally! I always have to remind myself “Okay becky just relax you are only 24, you dont need to have it all together” whenver I get out of my head haha

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