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  1. thestoryofash6 says

    Personal growth is so important! I think it’s super important to improve yourself as you get older! It’s a natural process 😊 as much as I cringe I also love looking back at what my blogs were like when I first started and oh my god it was atrocious however, seeing how far I’ve come makes me overwhelmed with happiness!

    Great post lovely! X


  2. thebalancedbelles says

    I’ve experienced SO much personal growth in the past year, and I am so much happier with where I am in my life. I’ve learned how to improve my mental health, boost my confidence, and how to control my anxiety.

  3. theamalog says

    Love this post. Currently going through personal and career growth and I’ve learned that if you can’t stop thinking about it maybe you should start pursuing it.

  4. John Aiwone says

    “even though I’ve only been blogging a year, I still cringe at some of my old posts and photos. I’m like “what was I thinking?” I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with that one Becky!

    Sometimes I’ll look at situations and things I said in those situations and wonder “why did I say that” even though it may have felt right at that present moment. A recent form of personal growth for me is not letting negative experiences get in the way of my everyday life as much and not dwell on them for too long.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    • Becky says

      Haha! Okay well I am so glad it’s not just me who feels this way… if everyones having their “growing pains” then atleast we’re in it together amiright?. That’s a great change to make! I definitely struggle with dwelling on experiences as well. Thanks for reading!

      • John Aiwone says

        You’re welcome! Yeah for sure, we all have struggle and feel it whether it’s short or long-term or bigger or smaller than the another person. Dwelling can be healthy in a sense that we’re reflecting on what’s happened and how we can stop ourselves from dwelling from a similar experience if you get my drift (I’m trying not to dwell on this a lot)?

      • John Aiwone says

        You’re welcome! Yeah for sure, we all have struggle and feel it whether it’s short or long term or bigger or smaller than the other person’s. We’re not alone. I think dwelling can be healthy in the sense that we’re reflecting on what’s happened and trying to work out how we can stop ourselves dwelling on a similar experience again if you get my drift? (I can tell I’ve actually dwelled on this reply a lot)

  5. julietlylillyrose says

    love this concept! I totally agree. My personal growth definitely happened last year when I decided to quit my sales job and go back to school!

  6. ianscyberspace says

    I like your statement “if you’re the smartest person in the room you’re in the wrong room.” I’ve always been a seeker after knowledge and travelling the world along with academic pursuits give you a continuous learning experience. Good blog.

    • Becky says

      Thank you! It’s always been a favorite saying of mine. I beleive seeking knowledge is the most powerful tool a person can have!

  7. Paloma Linda says

    Great post! Personal growth is about challenging yourself to do the things you want and believe you can do. So far this year I’ve challenged myself to write and share it with people. I’ve really put myself out here in the blogging world and have felt welcomed and appreciated. Cheers to personal growth and change!

    • Becky says

      So true! Good for you for taking that leap! The writing community is so supportive, I totally agree! Cheers!

  8. ESWTBlog says

    It’s so important that all of us strive to never stop learning. I feel that learning comes hand in hand with living, if you ain’t living you ain’t learning and vice versa. If we stop bothering we only become stagnant and start to fade away. What becomes of a body when we don’t exercise our muscles? What becomes of a brain without stimulation?

    Davis |

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