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  1. Melina Elisa says

    This might be one of my favorite posts of yours ever. It just gives me so much hope for the future. I feel like everyone’s a little lost, and if we don’t pick up the courage to make those changes in our lives, even if they’re hard, we’re never going to do anything! Great post xx

    Melina |

  2. hayleyxmartin says

    I had two unlucky serious relationships throughout 2017/2018 and I ended up walking away from both (pretty serious reasoning and deal breakers etc). But this is so nice to hear from someone ‘on the other side’. I dream of someday being engaged and being so in love ‘living my best life’ haha!! In reality, that’s not how it is and I really do believe that so many people just stay with someone because they are scared to leave. I feel so strong and independent for walking away from things that I need more from, or to at least be treated nicely. Being alone really allows you to realise what it is you really want!! I’m not settling until I have found it.

    I hope you have a lovely 2019!!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    • Becky says

      It’s so true! If you are able, you have to walk away from whatever isn’t giving you complete fufillment. I was so scared to do it, but looking back it was so liberating. It felt so good to know I could make decisions for myself, when for so long I really wasn’t able!. Good for you for walking away from something you werent happy with. It’s a huge step! I hope your 2019 is nothing short of amazing. 🙂

  3. Trish says

    I think this is my favourite post! It related to me in so many ways. 1 year ago I thought I found a job that I loved and I was going to do for the rest of my life. 6 short months later I handed in my 2 week notice because I was going back to school. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and I finally feel like that void I was trying to fill with “garbage” was because I wasn’t truly happy with my career choice. Change is scary but it’s so good I’m so many ways!! There is always that “what if” for everything in life!

    • Becky says

      Good for you girl! Isn’t it wild how we can be in one place, and so shortly after be feeling so different and realise we chose the wrong thing?! I think being able to self refelct on what we want is huge in regards to personal growth. Having the What ifs is literally the worst feeling ever, and we are way too young to be feeling that. SO happy you found a career path you love girl. That is so fufilling! I hope your 2019 is amamzing girl, can’t wait to get together. Thanks for reading too it means the world to me 🙂

  4. withcurlsandcocktailsblog says

    It is awesome that you were able to come out on top and happy with where you are!

  5. Kimberly says

    I love that you followed your heart and did something for you. It is so hard to walk away from everything that you know, but I have done something very similar in a similar way. It was nerve-wracking but I came out happier and better than ever! I love that you are feeling the same.

    Kimberly |

  6. Charlotte says

    You are SO strong, what a beautiful post. As you read this and get nearer the end I can literally feel the weight being lifted off of you. It’s so beautiful! I bet that was tough but you’ve come out the other side to a better place.

    This year I’ve learnt I need to work on loving myself. I need to put myself and MH before anyone else. It’s been a rough ride and slowly but surely I’m making improvements. I’ve still go a long road ahead xx

    • Becky says

      Wow thank you! I never thought about that, but you are so right! The weight truly was lifted even in real life. I am stronger for it. Keep on working on loving yourself girl, you absolutely deserve that!! Slowly or not, always learn to love yourself first. 🙂

  7. roninjax says

    No doubt spoken from your heart. You sensed something wasn’t right within you and held back before making decisions you may one day regret. It sounds like you are truly happy within yourself. That means a lot. Part of life is about maturing along each step of life and you demonstrated sound wisdom. All the best to you 2019 and in your future plans. 🙂

  8. Rachel says

    I’m glad you’re finding yourself and took some risks! It takes guts to do that and I hope it brings you much happiness 🙂

  9. Janae Johnson says

    I love this post and in a strange and crazy way, it’s a reminder that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. Change is inevitable ♥️☺️

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