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  1. impurrfectlife says

    I’m with you! I love my solitude. I like to read, watch DVR shows and also paint in my spare time. I like spending quiet time. Never minded riding solo. I think when you are truly at peace with yourself you don’t mind being alone. Alone and lonely aren’t the same thing. 🙂

  2. Rasya says

    I enjoy my time being alone. Reading a good book, blogging, browsing for unhealthy hours in Pinterest and so on. So many things to do.

    x Rasya

  3. stephsotta says

    Totally agree — I’m an introvert and that’s exactly how we recharge, by being alone. I love my friends but I know if I spend a night out, the next day must be free of plans and just relaxing.

  4. The Break of Dawns says

    Yeesss! Totally can relate to this. I used to loathe being alone as it just made me think so many negative thoughts but now I revel in it. I love taking a nice long bubble bath, technology free and relax. Sometimes a moment alone is all we need to get motivated again!

  5. Michelle (@helloSHELLS) says

    Ever since I was a child I always enjoyed being alone more than being in large groups. As I grew into a teenager, people would sometimes make me feel badly about not wanting to go to every party or go out every weekend. It was in my mid to late 20s that I accepted that that was just who I was and that I was totally okay!

    Thanks for sharing! x


    • Becky says

      That is amazing! I love that you were finally able to appreciate your true self, that is so important. It’s totally okay, infact its more than that it’s normal! Thanks for reading

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